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WEATHER - Chances of snow, chances of rain, colder at night and during the day

Weather forecast for the next 7 days starting Sunday , 10/25/20....another week that looks like rain will be the main problem, with occasional high winds thrown in just for fun.
If you can get out you better plan on doing so sooner than later, as those temperatures are going to continue to fall, fall, fall.

Breakfast Schedule for 2020.....ALL BREAKFASTS CANCELLED FOR NOW

To all Kishwaukee RC Flyers, spouses/significant others and friends...DUE TO THE VIRUS ISSUES WE HAVE MADE THE DECISION TO CANCEL ALL BREAKFAST GET TOGETHERS FOR NOW. When the situation resolves itself we will let everyone know and be back at our usual spots

The breakfast attendees voted to schedule monthly and bi-monthly breakfasts the first and third Wednesday of each month, breakfast orders will be taken at 9 AM.

Build Your Own First Aid Kit

I recently read a great article on Flying Giants by Jim Graham regarding putting together a first aid kit to have on hand at the field......below are the details on what's in it as well as a link to the original article....a big thanks to Jim:

Zac S Field Safety Kit

It's imperative that we all have some sort of Safety Kit with us, whether we're at the field or somewhere else
Below is the information that our very own paramedic Zac S recommends everyone has as part of their Field Safety Kit......
Field Safety Kit: contents should include per my suggestion
-tick removal tool
-trauma sheers
-hand full of 4x4 gauze pad
- tourniquet (recommend gen 3 cat)
-roller gauze
-emergency blanket
-medical tape
-handful of self adhering bandages

2020 CLUB ACTIVITIES LIST - as of 010120

Attached you will find the 2020 Club Activities List.


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