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Monthly and Bimonthly Breakfast......It's not just for the guys

Hello Everyone,

The March Breakfast is in the record books with a wonderful turnout.

There were 11 fellow flyers in attendance as well as 5 ladies that are spouses or significant others.

It was wonderful to see the ladies that support our hobby and most importantly their men.

The day turned out to a bright sunny day but a little nippy.

Marilynn said she enjoyed the gathering and food very much and hoped it can continue and it is planned to be continued.


With the nice weather people may be tempted to visit the field......BUT AT THIS TIME NELSON FIELD REMAINS CLOSED

Typically, it's not safe and not recommended to go out onto the field until we get a good rain after the frost is out.

The general rule is, if you would not drive across your front lawn then don't drive down the lane.

There is no problem parking at the entrance and walking back. Many people do this including those who have flown with skis when we have snow.

Breakfast Schedule for 2018

Below you will find the Breakfast Schedule for 2018, as put together by Master Breakfast Scheduler Elwin B himself.......try and get these dates on your calendar so that you can attend as many as possible:

2018 Breakfast Schedule

The breakfast attendees voted to schedule monthly and bi-monthly breakfasts the first and third Wednesday of each month, breakfast orders will be taken at 9 AM.
Grubsteakers: 815-562-3430. It was voted to attend Grubsteakers the first Wednesday of each month. Located at the junctions of route 251 and 64 north of Rochelle, IL.

Build Your Own First Aid Kit

I recently read a great article on Flying Giants by Jim Graham regarding putting together a first aid kit to have on hand at the field......below are the details on what's in it as well as a link to the original article....a big thanks to Jim:

End of season field wrap up....

To all....

With the approaching late Fall and early Winter season the good folks who perform our field mowing/maintenance will soon wrap up for the season......this will likely happen within the next two weeks.

The crew will also take the benches and put them in the shed for the winter at that time.

For the immediate future you can still plan on coming out to the field to fly.......the Club Officers will let you know when conditions are such that we are closing the field to flying for the season.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your cooperation.



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