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Breakfast Schedule for 2017

Below you will find the Breakfast Schedule for 2017, as put together by Master Breakfast Scheduler Elwin B himself.......try and get these dates on your calendar so that you can attend as many as possible:

2017 Breakfast Schedule

The breakfast attendees voted to schedule monthly and bi-monthly breakfasts the first and third Wednesday of each month, breakfast orders will be taken at 9 AM.
Grubsteakers: 815-562-3430. It was voted to attend Grubsteakers the first Wednesday of each month.

Sycamore: 815-899-8070. Sycamore Café at 1170 Dekalb Avenue across the street from Culvers

Kirkland: 815-522-3531. The Kirkland Family Restaurant at 507 West Main, Kirkland, IL

Sycamore and Kirkland restaurants will be alternated between the third Wednesday of each month.

January 4 Grubsteakers
January 18 Kirkland Family Restaurant
February 1 Grubsteakers
February 15 Sycamore Café
March 1 Grubsteakers
March 15 Kirkland Family Restaurant
April 5 Grubsteakers
April 19 Sycamore Café
May 3 Grubsteakers
May 17 Kirkland Family Restaurant
June 7 Grubsteakers
June 21 Sycamore Café
July 5 Grubsteakers
July 19 Kirkland Family Restaurant
August 2 Grubsteakers
August 16 Sycamore Café
September 6 Grubsteakers
September 20 Kirkland Family Restaurant
October 4 Grubsteakers
October 18 Sycamore Café
November 1 Grubsteakers
November 15 Kirkland Family Restaurant
December 6 Grubsteakers
December 20 Sycamore, Café

If you have any questions please get in touch with:
Elwin B or Bill H