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NELSON FIELD IS OPEN FOR THE 2024 FLYING SEASON...with a word of caution

To all Kishwaukee RC Flyers....

With the weather looking fantastic, and the winds today quickly drying out the ground, your Kishwaukee RC Flyers Club Officers have agreed that it's time to:


We want to make sure that when the weather conditions are right everyone can get their flying season started without delay.

You are asked to watch the ground when you drive on it, and if it appears that you're making deep ruts, try and avoid any further egress and park back by the mower shed.

But if everything looks good, then drive up to the main shed, park, unload and get to flying!

Remember, if you are the first person at the field, unlock the lock and move the tumblers so no 'non-members' see the four digit access code. Pull the chain back and hang it on the fence post on the other side so that it's not in anyone's way.

If you are the last person at the field PLEASE MAKE SURE TO stretch the chain out across the entrance, unlock the gate lock, properly secure the chain and lock to the post and give the lock a tug to ensure it's locked and then off you go.

We hope that everyone is looking forward to a great year with the Club,