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To all Kishwaukee RC Flyers...

Well while the 90+ heat abated for our June Fun Fly today, the winds sure did try to put a damper on things....blowing at 10 to 15 mph with gusts in the upper 20's, it was a challenge for those of us who put aircraft up in the air.

But no matter what we always get planes in the air!

New member Alan S brought out two great looking aircraft, a nice size Cub and a large 260, that he proceeded to get off the ground, perform some nice flying and then safely return to Mother Earth.....this after not having flown for about 8 years or so! Great going Al...hope to see more of you up in the air sooner then later at Nelson Field. Dan G, Luke G and Dave B also had aircraft in the air during our Fun Fly.

I myself put up a new 'acquisition' ..... something on the 'smaller' side from what I usually have. It was a Horizon Aero Scout, and it proved itself capable of flying WITHOUT HESITATION even under today's conditions. Powered by 3S x 2200 mAh battery I was able to get a solid 8 to 10 minutes out of each flight, despite having to fly at more than half throttle for a large portion of the time! From what I've been told these are selling like hotcakes and large groups of them are being flown at other Clubs' fields. If you get a chance I'd say to visit John at Hobbytown Rockford to check it out!

We pulled the ole grill out and put some brats on it, and within less than 20 minutes everyone was chomping away on the delicious lunch......lunch started a bit early, but we had plenty of food set aside so that when folks arrived around noon or so (normal lunch time) they were greeted with a nice hot lunch!

Thanks to all those who donated to offset the costs for providing today's's most appreciated guys.

We've now just gone past the longest day of the year, so every day is just a bit shorter than the one before.....with that being the case make sure to get out and FLY, FLY, FLY as much as you can before that 'white stuff' starts coming down only too soon.

Our next Fun Fly is scheduled for Saturday, July 20, 2024.....I hope you mark it on your calendar and plan on attending.


Bill H
Secretary / Treasurer
Kishwaukee RC Flyers

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